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Pivoting to support new clients during the pandemic

Delighted to announce that we have won three new clients and hired a new member of staff despite the UK pandemic bringing many small businesses to a halt.

Supreme Visors, Una Health and Liddell Jones have all joined our client list. Supreme Visors and Una Health are both involved in the pandemic providing specialist PPE equipment and in-vitro antibody testing kits and Liddell Jones are specialists in CGI explainer illustration and animation.

As a result of the wins, we’ve also appointed Alex Brown as an account manager and he joined the agency this month.

Owner Diana Stephenson commented: “We have been in the fortunate position of being needed more than ever by many of our clients during the lockdown period. Only a couple of clients have been unable to operate ‘business as usual’ and had to pause our service.

“The team has been tremendous and quickly adapted to home working. I’m glad to say we have started a gradual move back to our offices so are feeling a sense of normality returning.”

This entry was posted on 22/06/2020.