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Calvin visits Faith in Nature refill station at 8th Day Co-op in Manchester

Faith in Nature, a pioneer in vegan and natural is working hard to reduce environmental waste in the UK by offering shops to set up a refill service for their shampoo, conditioner, body and hand wash products.

Refill stations, typically based in health food and independent stores, are designed for customers to refill their empty bottles once they have been used up. Rather than disposing of the bottle in the recycling bin, customers can visit a refill station and reduce plastic waste.

Lindsay from Calvin, Saimah from Faith in Nature, and Michelle from On Fire Marketing visited the 8th Day Co-op, a vegetarian health food store on Oxford Road in Manchester, to put the refill station to the test!

You can view Faith In Nature’s video filmed at the 8th Day Co-op here:


This entry was posted on 23/10/2018.