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Faith in Nature launches new campaign

We are delighted to be working with Faith in Nature on a new PR campaign to launch the complete redesign of their packaging and bottle design. The natural beauty brand has been making family friendly, affordable, ethical and natural beauty products for over 40 years and we are proud to be playing a part in their journey.

The campaign will be focused on their new packaging, which portrays the concept  of nature being bold, bright and beautiful.  The new design is bright, with clear claims and a prominent logo on the front.

Rivka Rose, founder of Faith in Nature says, “Nature can move mountains, bore holes in stone and so too it can help to bring about repair and change. So it’s simple for natural ingredients to help repair, stimulate and make changes to our systems. ”

We can’t wait to get started on this new campaign as we aim to achieve coverage across a range of  consumer and business media titles.

This entry was posted on 02/07/2018.