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The Rug Seller welcomes BBC Breakfast

Our client, The Rug Seller was delighted to welcome the BBC Breakfast team to their warehouse in Manchester earlier this morning (Thursday 19th January).

The BBC were filming a business piece looking at the impact of Britain leaving the European single market in response to the Prime Minister’s Brexit plans, which were announced earlier in the week.

The filming took place at The Rug Seller’s warehouse.

Chief Executive of The Rug Seller, Daniel Prendergast said “We import a large percentage of our rugs from Europe and the impact of Brexit has yet to be seen. I feel that we are entering a period of uncertainty but we are a young and agile company and will thrive facing the challenges that Brexit will bring.”

Commenting on the morning’s filming, Diana Stephenson of Calvin Marketing said, “It is fantastic to be able to showcase our clients on BBC Breakfast.

“The producers and presenters always put everyone at ease and are great to work with.”

This entry was posted on 19/01/2017.