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Lights, Camera, Woof?

Calvin director Julia, literally put on her ‘directors’ hat when she made a recent trip to Cheshire Pet in Holmes Chapel.  With the help of a great camera man, some clients and their pets and members of the team, she shot a video showcasing their exceptional services. The video gives everyone a behind the scenes view of the work of a top veterinary practice and is a great way to show how much the practice truly cares about our pets.

As the video shows, Cheshire Pet is more than just your average vet. With the expertise of exotic animal specialist Molly Varga on hand, some of the patients at Cheshire Pet are of the more unusual kind. Pets such as guinea pigs, chickens and iguanas are regular visitors of the clinic together with cats and dogs. Alongside head vet Edward Davies, Jane and Molly, some of their clients on the day were happy to make an impromptu appearance in the video and we would like to give them a big thank you for taking part.

This entry was posted on 02/12/2013.